Aging Gracefully, Senior Care Services offers a stimulating, social environment with a wide range of activities throughout the day. Our activities include, but are not limited to:

* Fitness Program/Exercise
* Book Mobile
* Manicures
* Memory Improvement Trivia/Games
* Pet Therapy
* Baking and Cooking Demonstrations
* Arts and Crafts
* Educational Seminars
* Music Therapy
* Movies
* Field Trips
* Cultural and Spiritual Events
* Bingo
* Socialization and Peer Interaction

Our staff strives to offer a variety of activities and fun each day for the clients. We encourage our clients to participate in group activities; however, clients may also choose to work on independant activities of their choosing. Activities range from easy to difficult based on the abilities of the clients. Staff interacts and assists clients with more difficult activities so that all clients can be involved. Everyone has an opportunity to be happy and active at Aging Gracefully.

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