Frequently Asked Questions


What is Aging Gracefully, Senior Care Services?

Aging Gracefully, SCS is a day program designed for adults and/or seniors that offers diverse stimulating activities, interaction/socialization, and a safe environment that allows you, as the caregiver, the ability to continue your daily life without the guilt of placing your loved one in institutional care.

What is Graceful Embrace, Developmental Day Program?

Graceful Embrace, DDP is a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Graceful Embrace’s program is specifically designed to address an individuals need associated with an intellectual disability. Due to the diverse range of limitations and abilities, accommodations are made in order to accommodate each individual to enhance their independence and quality of life. Graceful Embrace, DDP follows the same rules and regulations as Aging Gracefully, SCS.

How long has the center been open?

Aging Gracefully, SCS has been serving the needs of area elder citizens since December 5, 2004.

Graceful Embrace, DDP opened on September 14, 2015.

What hours are you open?

Aging Gracefully and Graceful Embrace are open Monday thru Friday, 6:30am-5:30pm.

Do you offer a half day program?

Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace does NOT offer a half day program.

Are you licensed by a state regulatory agency?

The facility is licensed and inspected by DHEC annually. A valid license is posted on both sides of the facility, on the wall, near the main offices.

Are there any age requirements?

Aging Gracefully offers services to adults 35 years of age and older.

Graceful Embrace offers services to adults 18 years of age and older.

Do you accept individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, limited mobility, and/or incontinence?

Yes. Aging Gracefully accepts adults with a range of varying diagnosis’ that may or may not be related to the aging process. Activities are individualized to each individuals’ cognitive abilities and/or needs. Each staff member receives specialized training in Dementia and/or related diagnosis’. Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace has and enforces a no lift policy. Due to this policy, each participant must be able to transfer with a one person assist. If an individual requires use of a Hoyer lift and/or specialized equipment for mobility needs, an assessment must be completed prior to acceptance into the program to determine eligibility. A comprehensive assessment is done on admission, with input from the caregiver and/or family, in order to develop a Care Plan to address the physical, mental, and psychosocial needs of each individual. Working together with the family allows us to find solutions, interventions, and the ability to set measurable goals that aid in quality of life, all while preserving dignity and confidentiality of each individual.

Are special services (eg...rehabilitation) offered?

Yes. Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace partners with Revolution Therapy & Fitness to offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies during attendance to the programs. Therapy programs include, but not limited to; balance training, environmental safety evaluations, fall risk and fall reduction, activities of daily living, mobility device fitting, and seamless transitions from therapy to wellness programs. A physicians’ order must be obtained prior to receiving any of these services. For more information or insurance verification, please contact Revolution Therapy directly at 843-323-0174 or 843-813-8152.


How much does it cost per day and what is included in that fee?

The daily fee includes therapeutic activities, a catered nutritious lunch and up to two (2) snacks, personal care assistance, supervision by licensed nurses, medication administration, and a safe environment. The daily fee is determined by the individual’s level of care. On admission, a detailed functional assessment is completed to determine the needs of each individual. There are four levels of care: base, guided, supervised, and enriched (custom). In order to provide an accurate quote, please call the facility at 843-873-5121 to schedule an assessment.

Are there any additional services available and what are the fees?

Additional services offered during attendance to Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace must be preapproved by the responsible party prior to receiving. Additional services, if requested, are the financial responsibility of the responsible party. Additional services include, but not limited to:

  • Beauty Salon/Barber Shop: fees to be determined by services requested.

  • Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapies – fees based on individual’s insurance plans

  • Field Trips/Outings: fee based on type and/or place of scheduled outing.

  • Transportation: Please see questions pertaining to transportation.

  • Medical Director-Available upon request.

  • *COMING SOON* Podiatry, Dental and Vision-Visits every 3 months.

Is the cost covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or other financial aid?

  • Medicare does NOT pay or assist in the daily fee for attendance to the program at this time.

  • Community Long Term Care (Medicaid), with prior approval from the individual’s case manager, may assist with daily attendance fees based on individual’s plan.

  • Currently Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace contracts with several long term care insurance policy providers. Please contact your policy provider for further details and billing procedures.

  • All Medicaid and/or The Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Waivers to include, but not limited to: Head & Spinal Cord Injury (HASCI), Intellectual Disabilities/Related Disabilities (ID/RD) and Community Support (CSW) Waivers must be pre-approved by individual case managers prior to acceptance.

  • Grants issued through Trident Area Agency On Aging and/or The Alzheimer’s Association must be authorized prior to acceptance.

** Approval and Authorization must be received prior to admission if utilizing any of the grants/waivers listed above as a payer source. Please contact your case manager directly to determine eligibility and approval. **

Is transportation provided? How much does it cost?

Transportation is available upon request for participants that reside within 15 miles of the facility for an additional fee. Transportation provided to CLTC Participants will be billed to CLTC insurance per contract and will not be the responsibility of the CLTC Participant. CLTC Participants will utilize Medicaid contracted transportations services if the Participant resides 15 miles or more away from the facility per CLTC contract.


What kind of qualifications and/or experience does the staff have?

Our team approach is designed to accommodate each individual and their associated diagnosis’. Our team consists of but not limited to: Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Medical Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Activity Coordinators, Environmental Specialists and Van Drivers. Our diverse team allows a variety of expertise and skill in a variety of specialties to ensure the best quality care for your loved one.

What is the Staff-Participant ratio?

The state mandates that the minimum requirement of staff to participant ratio is 1:8. (One staff member per 8 participants) At Aging Gracefully/Graceful Embrace, we believe adequate staffing is an essential part for providing quality of care every day to our participants. Our staffing ratio is based upon the needs for assistance and/or supervision of the participants enrolled for that day. We have found that a ratio of 1:5 allows our participants to increase activity all while decreasing wandering and agitation.

How Do I get started enrolling my loved one?

The first step is the completion of a History and Physical to include a list of current medications. The H & P must be completed on our forms and signed by the participants in-state physician. After completion of the H& P, please call the facility to set up an admission meeting. At that time, you will be asked to complete an agreement packet. We will also inquire about the needs of your loved one during attendance and address any questions and/or concerns you may have. Please Note: If utilizing any form of insurance and or grant, an authorization to receive services must be received prior to enrollment.

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