Graceful Embrace, Developmental Day Program offers a structured, social environment with a wide range of activities throughout the day. Our activities include, but are not limited to:

* Fitness Program/Exercise
* Book Mobile
* Karaoke and Dancing
* Sensory Room and Sensory experiences
* Pet and Music Therapy
* Baking and Cooking Demonstrations
* Arts and Crafts
* Educational Seminars
* Baby Nurturing Simulation Center
* Movie Room
* Community Outings
* Cultural and Spiritual Events
* Interactive Smart Boards & Touch Screen Computers
* Socialization and Peer Interaction
* Video Game Center
* Maintaining abilities of Activities of Daily Living

Fun and interactive activities to help our clients overcome anxiety, stress, and poor concentration. Some of our activities focus on fine and gross motor skills, focus and attention, cognitive development, sensory, social and pretend play, therapy aids, alternative communication skills, and many more. Our staff strives to support the client's social development by encouraging interaction with their peers and participation in a variety of activities.

Shooting some hoops

Dancing the day away

  TV Time

Coastal Carolina Fair 

 Enjoying music

Interactive Crafts & Activities

Wanamaker Park

Fun at the Bowling Alley

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